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In order to access USLCA Licensure info and more detailed information about insurance companies and reimbursement one must be a MEMBER of ILCA/USLCA.. There is much information in the member's only section. To join ILCA/USLCA, go to

(only covers about 20% of mothers; no grandfathered policies, no medicaid and no self insurance policies)
Letter USLCA received from Aetna on July 27, 2012 Aetna Letter to USLCA

IBCLC Licensure and Reimbursement Medicaid Group ~

National Breastfeeding Network Facebook page ~!/nbfcenter

USLCA Reimbursement ~

USLCA Licensure and Reimbursement read every article on this page!!

Why LICENSURE is important for IBCLCs!

By Kathy Parkes, MSN-Ed, BSPsy, RN, IBCLC, FILCA
availble through Hale Pulications

Excellent book for someone thinking about going into a lactation private practice or someone who want to shear up their present private practice and take it up a notch! Gives pros and cons of diffent business models. So much information in a concise form.

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