Pat Lindsey, IBCLC - Lactation Visit Receipt Packet
What everyone needs before ordering?

I will not fill orders without your IBLCE # (I do verify these with
You MUST have an EIN number (employer identification number) and a NPI number (national provider identifier number) before ordering, see below!

I have a strong ETHICAL commitment to the profession of IBCLC and to helping IBCLCs
with the forms necessary for professionalism.

A healthcare superbill is a professional receipt of services with the Current Procedural Terminology codes (CPT codes) and the International Classification of Diseases codes (ICD-10 codes). ICD-10 becomes mandatory effective October 1, 2014; insurance companies are already accepting them. Professional healthcare providers use the superbill NOT to file insurance claims, but to give their clients a professional receipt of service.  Most insurance companies require electronic claim filing from providers. The Lactation Visit Receipt can be used by the client to aid (not guarantee) in insurance reimbursement from their medical insurance.

Insurance companies MUST have the healthcare providers mailing address (if you don't want to use your home address and you are doing home visits, you need to get a P.O. Box) and a business phone number as well as a National Provider Identification Number and a tax identification number (EIN) on the superbill to be considered for reimbursement.  Insurance companies do NOT want an email or website. Please do not send your social security number as your tax identification number, I will not fill the order. Identity is a serious problem and it is advised that you NOT use your social security number. If you have more questions before ordering go to Question & Answer page and read Most Frequent Questions and Answers.

I am now recommending the Lactation Visit Receipt (superbill) have your EIN, your NPI and the IBLCE-IBCLC number.

If you do not have a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number  as well as an Employee ID Number (EIN), you need to obtain these numbers before placing an order for a LVR Packet. Both numbers can be applied for and obtained online without the help of an attorney or accountant.  It usually only takes 1-3 days to get both.

1 - Employer ID Number (EIN) If you are a sole proprietor you might feel you don't qualify for an EIN based on what you read on the online page, but you really don't want to be using your social security number on the superbill. You need an EIN Healthcare insurance plans require EINs to process claims.  You may apply online.  IF you have incorporated or become an LLC, you will need an EIN for your business.

2 - National Provider Identifier (NPI) - The NEW REQUIREMENT for Healthcare providers to have a National Provider Identifier became effective MAY 23, 2007.  Every IBCLC needs a personal NPI.  USLCA highly encourages every IBCLC to have a NPI number and insurance company's require it to consider reimbursement on claims.  IF you have incorporated as a business with more than one IBCLC or other healthcare staff, the business will also need it's own NPI that is connected to the business EIN.  View Slideshow about NPI numbers.

Learn more about applying for a NPI by clicking here

Taxonomy codes to use in APPLYING for NPI are:
163WL0100X (for RN, IBCLC)
     174N00000X (Lactation Consultant non-RN)

3 - IBLCE has changed to a new credentialing management system. The numbers used on their registry are the new identification numbers.  If you do not have your new number which begins with L-_______, I recommend you go to IBLCE's new website at and enter your name or your old number to get your new number.

4 - CAQH numbers, what are they? To get a CAQH provider number, you must start credentialing with a particular healthcare organization or insurance company.  That organization may request your participation in the CAQH Universal Provider DataSource. This process is important if you are going to become a provider with an insurance company. If you plan to be out-of-network, don't worry about this. If you plan to become an in-network provider and contract with an insurance company, you need to know about this and become credentialed.

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