Pat Lindsey, IBCLC - Lactation Visit Receipt Packet
Ordering ICD-10 Lactation Visit Receipt Packet

The LVR Packet is INTENDED for use by IBCLCs, doctors, nurse practitioners or other health care providers with at least IBCLC designation or greater.

Deluxe Packet (view what's in the packet) - $90.00    ~     Regular Packet (view what's in the packet) - $75.00

If verification cannot be made of Board Certification through IBLCE or higher designation,
do NOT order, the order will not be filled and refund will be issued.
NEWLY certified IBCLC's can email copy of certificate with L-#.
Verification is made with of IBCLC certification
expect refund if verification cannot be made

Groups of IBCLC Practitioners such as Hospital Outpatient Clinics, Incorportated or LLC Lactation Buisnesses
Verification is made with of IBCLC certification
expect refund if verification cannot be made

Email from USLCA on November 7, 2014
United States Lactation Consultant Association
Don't Forget to Renew or Join the USLCA by Dec. 31!  
The U.S. Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA) appreciates all of you who have already renewed or joined for 2015!  For those of you who have not yet joined, please remember to do so by Dec. 31, 2014 so that your USLCA membership benefits do not lapse in 2015.
Whether you are a renewing member, a new professional or an aspiring IBCLC, USLCA membership provides opportunities for professional growth through education, networking and the peer-reviewed journal, Clinical Lactation.  USLCA membership also promotes growth of the profession through advocacy for licensure and reimbursement on a national platform.  Click Here to view all of the membership benefits.
For those who want to have a greater impact on the profession, team up with your USLCA Board of Directors and join as a Contributing Professional for only $99.  We challenge you to get serious about the IBCLC credential and join USLCA today!  
Questions about membership?  View our FAQs, email or give us a call at 202.738.1125.  We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your continuing support of USLCA!

What Has USLCA Been Doing for the IBCLC Lately?
Partnered with Google Help-outs & latchME to market the IBCLC
Provided expert testimony to the Federal Trade Commission
Submitted public comments to The Joint Commission and Healthy People 2020
Developed Breastfeeding Talk with USLCA for outreach to the public
Partnered with the "We've Got Your Back, Babe" fitness campaign
Published Who's Who in Lactation? & revised Containing Health Care Costs: Help in Plain Sight
Produced IBCLC-specific infographics shared thousands of times on social media
Offering ongoing support and resources to the most-ever number of states currently working on licensure bills
Increased the amount of and level of support to USLCA Chapters
Attended national healthcare conferences to promote and integrate the IBCLC into the primary healthcare arena

It's highly encouraged that all IBCLCs be a member of both USLCA and ILCA. Sometimes I hear IBCLCs say they can't afford the membership, I would contend that you can't afford NOT to be a member. There are several great membership benefits as well both ILCA and USLCA are working hard on your behalf to increase recognition of IBCLCs and advance the profession. If you have a strong conviction to making IBCLC a viable profession that you can be proud to be part of as well as make a living at, YOU NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF BOTH ILCA AND USLCA!

 Its a WIN-WIN-WIN for YOU, IBCLCs and Mother/Babies!!!

                          See membership benefits of ILCA.

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