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I am not an attorney or CPA, if you have questions regarding setting up a lactation private practice
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Questions regarding use of the LVR Packet are answered in the packet or on this website,
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If you take too much of my time by phone or email, I may request payment for my time.

 YahooGroupList Serv - Pat Lindsey's LVR Packet - This list is primarily IBCLCs in private practice or hospital outpatient clinics who have purchased and are using Pat Lindsey's Lactation Visit Receipt Packet. This is a support and information list to share business experiences with others. This list is not intended to share clinical situations or clinical information. It is strictly for sharing of lactation business tips or challenges. As well as the latest information with regard to reimbursement of lactation services and the need for licensure and promoting and protecting our profession.

There is power in collective sharing and lobbying for our profession and the clients that we serve. Hopefully, this list will help empower us to better help our clients receive insurance reimbusement as well as stay on top of the changes that are taking place in our country regarding health care for mothers and children.

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