Pat Lindsey's Lactation Visit Receipt (LVR)
 ICD-10 Lactation Visit Receipt,
      a professional receipt of lactation services.
a "lactation superbill"
ICD-10 Becomes Effective on October 1, 2015
Now with optional PDF Fillable Forms - Lactation Visit Receipt, Consent & Financial Form, Breastfeeding Questionnaire, Documentation Forms & Telephone Triage Form
With PDF Fillable Forms, records can be entered on any electronic device with PDF software
and stored in a client chart electronically. This packet is not just an upgrade with both ICD-9 & ICD-10, but much new valuable information for IBCLCs regarding ACA, pros and cons of contracting with insurance companies, proper use of sliding scales, and more...          
                         for the

ICD-10 compliance becomes mandated
effective of October 1, 2014

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In order to expedite your order, the LVR Packet will be delivery to you via Dropbox and emailed to you once the header has been formatted. Please allow up 5 days to fill your order.

The  ICD-10 Lactation  Visit  Receipt  Packet

The LVR Packet is INTENDED for use by IBCLCs, doctors, nurse practitioners or
other health care providers with at least IBCLC designation or greater.
If verification cannot be made of Board Certification through IBLCE or higher designation,
do NOT order, the order will not be filled and refund will be issued.
NEWLY certified IBCLC's can email copy of certificate with L-#.
USLCA members receive reduced pricing and all USLCA memberships are verified through USLCA.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant ( IBCLC )
is the Gold Standard in lactation consulting.

A note from Pat:  I began my research into 3rd Party Reimbursement to design a superbill to meet my practice needs in 2001. I started by doing an informal survey of about 30 LCs in private practice to see what they thought was important in a lactation superbill.  While doing the survey, there was so much interest in a lactation superbill with up-to-date coding that I was urged to make it available to others.  This resulted in the Lactation Visit Receipt Packet.  The LVR Packet has been reviewed by many of my peers and can be found in Linda Smith's book “The Lactation Consultant in Private Practice: The ABCs of Getting Started”, in Jan Riordan's Breastfeeding and Human Lactation, 3rd Edition, in ILCA's "Reimbursement Tool Kit" by Marsha Walker and in Medela's Messenger issue 20.1, 2003.

Use of the LVR does not guarantee reimbursement.  This tool is used as a professional receipt for lactation services which is given to the consumer to file for insurance reimbursement, however, insurance reimbursement should never be guaranteed unless the provider has a contractual agreement with the consumer's insurance company and lactation consulting services are covered benefits on the consumer's insurance policy.

The REGULAR Packet includes the Lactation Visit Receipt in a PDF so as many or as few copies as needed can be printed. You may want to print it out and take it to a printer such as Office Depot, Office Max or Staples for printing.  The LVR is recommended to be printed in triplicate NCR paper (office copy, client copy and copy to be filed with insurance company). All other business forms are in WORD documents which the IBCLC can customize with her business information.

NEW to the ICD-10 Lactation Visit Receipt Packet are PDF fillable forms both for the LVR and several of the business forms which are included only in the DELUXE Packet. Each PDF fillable form is customized with your business name and phone number on it. The PDF fillable forms can be filled out on your computer, laptop, ipad, tablet or any type of electronic device with Adobe Reader. Many IBCLCs have been looking for a way to have electronic records. This provides an option where all the IBCLCs files can be saved and/or sent to  their clients to print and reports sent to physicians. To receive PDF fillable forms, you must order the  DELUXE Packet.

Please note insurance companies prefer electronic billing by credentialed contractual in-network providers. The LVR is ONLY a receipt of lactation services with CPT (Current Procedural Code) and ICD-10 (Diagnosis Code) coding. It may or may not be helpful to the consumer to file a claim; it is as stated above a professional receipt of service. Giving a client a receipt of service is the professional thing to do.

What others say about the LVR.....

Voted in the top 5 Best Business Investments by 2003 Private Practice Lactation Consultant Conference

"Pat Lindsey's superbill is excellent !!!! ( thank you Pat ) and It is working. I am working part-time for a Family Practice doctor who does OB. I use Pat's superbill and fax it to this docs biller.   It does take me 1-2 months to get payment, however. Pat's superbill has been one of my best investments as a professional Lactation Consultant." Star Siegfried, RN, BA, IBCLC  1 June 2002

"thank you so much for the superbill and forms. They are gold. : )"  Diana West, IBCLC

"Hi Pat, I just wanted to let you know I got the LVR Packet. It was worth every penny! What a wealth of information you have put together. Excellent job.  I have my own version of many of these as I have been in private practice for 16 years. You really did an outstanding job. Thanks again." Gail  Macklin, RN, IBCLC 2011

"Thank you.  I have to say, this is the best $75 I have spent!  Your package is so very useful!  Great job."  Patty Usher, RD, IBCLC 2014

"Private practitioners in the USA! Y'all are no doubt familiar with Pat Lindsey's Lactation Visit Receipt (LVR). Well...bookmark her website page, and keep your eyes peeled for the launch. I have been honored to beta test the "update" for 2014, which is more like a total overhaul and exponential expansion. Jam-packed with extras about ICD10 Codes, ACA requirements, fill-in .pdf forms ...
All customized to YOUR practice
AND verified as going to IBCLCs/HCPs only
AND offered at discount to ILCA/USLCA members.
Disclaimer: I got my LVR gratis in exchange for hours of proof-reading, but what LCinPPer would NOT rave about this thing? " Elizabeth Brooks,JD, IBCLC, ILCA President 2014
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